Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Little While Later

wow. it's been a little over a year since i have last posted anything on here. well a lot has happened since my last post. lots of upgrades.

since the last post i have gotten a whole new lighting set-up, a new fisheye, and also and new 70-300mm zoom lens, plus battery grip. a lot of upgrades and still growing.

here's a more recent photo that i took.
we took a trip to cream city skate park and matt shelly was killing this little quarter pipe wallride type ramp. this is probably my photo from it. nosegrind pop-in.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hammond 7

Too tired to ramble on about the day.
Kyle did an awesome 3 flip down the 7 and Jeremy did a Heelflip down it.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

James and Luke

Luke, James, and I went skating yesterday and instead of going anywhere we stayed in the area. Started out by skating Lukes box then we went over to Highland Christen and got a few shots.

James first blasted a wicked ollie over a fire hydrant and it was cool, then they started skating the 3 stair in the back. Luke was trying Front Blunts on it but couldn't stick any...BUMMER. James then was trying the Back 5-0 and stuck it. Twas' sick...twas'.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

October Heat

You would think "It's October, it should get cooler out, right?" Wrong. Not in the midwest, for all I know it's gonna snow tomorrow. Then thunderstorm the next day.

Anyways, today was such a hot day. Almost too hot, but Kyle, Josh, and I went a skated and got some good shots. Sweaty shredding is the way to go.

To start the day off right Kyle started trying some tricks down the Big 4 at EC Central and managed to get a good and clean varial heel down it. It was so hot out even I was sweating while I was taking pictures of it.

Then it was off to the Big 6 where both Josh and Kyle did some good tricks down. Josh came rolling up to each trick really confident and it really does show in his skating. He did a clean Back Board down the rail like it was nothing along with a clean and steady Back Crooked.

Soon After Kyle started going for a Kickflip down the stair and got it a few good tries later. Josh then backed him up with a 4th try stylish Heelflip down the stair.

After EC we hit up some local spots. Kyle and Josh got pretty rad on these bleachers. They were doing trick after trick on this tennis court. Kyle did a Back Smith with steez, a Back Tail with some nice style, then a smooth Halfcab Crook. Josh also through out a Back Nosegrind Front Shuv out, then later a Halfcab Crook to back Kyle up.

Today was a real fun day with both of them. Soon there will be more pictures of them and also many pictures of others.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Leo the Lion

I haven't updated in awhile. I guess it's because i haven't been skating all that much. It has been getting colder and colder out, but I wanted to finally skate.

I was sitting at home and then Leo calls me to go skate and get some pictures. We went up to Munster, because there was nowhere else to go, and we got a picture. Leo did this sweet ride up backside smith stall type deal.

Props to Leo on the trick and oh yeah, "Muuuurdaaaa!"

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Michigan City

I haven't updated in awhile, but I thought this day should be the day to change it.

The day started off at the park for a "Warm-Up" session to get ready for street skating. While we were getting warmed up, I caught Pedro doing a Half Cab over the bench. I told him to do it again, and I snapped a shot of him doing that. Props to Pedro on the smooth Half Cab.

As the day went on, we went street skating. We hit up this bank spot in Downtown Michigan City. As soon as we got there Justin was trying Wallrides. I was super stoked on it and got everything ready and as Pedro filmed I snapped a few photo's of it. Props to Justin on the Wallride.

Hopfully I'll get back on my photo scene.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Local Update

The Highland Highschool 5 Stair is a landmark for skating here, and just recently it was destroyed by workers for making a new one. Since it was taken down it makes as a gap now.

James wanted to get some stuff there and the only way to actually get a good skate in it is to skate it at night. Me and Mike went there as James tried doing the Heelflip down it. Mike caught it on tape as I shot it. Props to James on the hella gnarly Heelflip.

Not too far from the Highschool is Highland Christian School. It is also an older spot, but Kyle stepped it up with some new tricks. Me and Kyle always have talked about going there and getting different
shots and finally we went with our word and got some stuff in. Kyle set up for a Backside Nosegrind and did it just in time for before the sunset all the way. Props to Kyle on the smooth Backside Nosegrind.

Who knows, maybe some more local spots with be brought upon with some new tricks.