Thursday, August 03, 2006

Local Update

The Highland Highschool 5 Stair is a landmark for skating here, and just recently it was destroyed by workers for making a new one. Since it was taken down it makes as a gap now.

James wanted to get some stuff there and the only way to actually get a good skate in it is to skate it at night. Me and Mike went there as James tried doing the Heelflip down it. Mike caught it on tape as I shot it. Props to James on the hella gnarly Heelflip.

Not too far from the Highschool is Highland Christian School. It is also an older spot, but Kyle stepped it up with some new tricks. Me and Kyle always have talked about going there and getting different
shots and finally we went with our word and got some stuff in. Kyle set up for a Backside Nosegrind and did it just in time for before the sunset all the way. Props to Kyle on the smooth Backside Nosegrind.

Who knows, maybe some more local spots with be brought upon with some new tricks.