Tuesday, October 09, 2007

James and Luke

Luke, James, and I went skating yesterday and instead of going anywhere we stayed in the area. Started out by skating Lukes box then we went over to Highland Christen and got a few shots.

James first blasted a wicked ollie over a fire hydrant and it was cool, then they started skating the 3 stair in the back. Luke was trying Front Blunts on it but couldn't stick any...BUMMER. James then was trying the Back 5-0 and stuck it. Twas' sick...twas'.


Juice said...

this nigga is merkin my shit..from my last vid part!!

but i didn't cop a siqq piqq

Iris said...

shit dude that's some sick shit there...I'm making a video for my bro Andre' wanna gimme some tips?